soup du jour 7.


onion soup au gratin 9.


field green salad 8.

champagne vinaigrette, choose blue or goat cheese


traditional caesar 8.

white anchovy




spicy thai mussels 12.

red curry broth, cilantro


crab cake 12.

wasabi vinaigrette, spicy pickled cucumber


butternut fritters 10.

spicy apple butter









spice-seared sea scallops 24.

southwestern hash, roasted red pepper sauce


sesame tuna 26.

served rare, soy-ginger sauce, bok choy, wasabi, pickled ginger


paella 25.

spanish rice baked with sofrito, chicken, shrimp, chorizo, mussels, squid, littlenecks, peas


spiced apple and goat cheese ravioli 20.

butternut hash, caramelized onions, spinach, brown butter


chicken breast 22.

fennel pollen rub, roasted tomato risotto, broccoli rabe


coq au vin 22. 

red wine, pearl onions, mushrooms, pappardelle pasta


veal schnitzel a la holstein 25.

sunny egg, anchovy, capers, spaetzle, French beans


sweet breads au beurre noir 24.

preserved lemon, imported artichoke


filet mignon 28.

blue cheese, roasted shallots, roasted herb potatoes, French green beans


black pepper and celery seasoned pork chop 25. 

roasted mashed potatoes, maple glazed acorn squash, sage cream